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Small Island


When Hortense, a young ambitious Jamaican woman is thrust into the grit of 1940s post-war London, it's not exactly what she was expecting - the streets are paved with rubble, not gold. Instead of the land of opportunity she had dreamed of, Hortense and her husband are met with poverty, prejudice and abuse. Except for Queenie Bligh.


No stranger to disappointment herself, she offers them friendship, and desires in return a break from her own monotonous existence. As they come together, from different sides of the globe, crushed by their own disappointment, they find that their lives are far more entwined than they ever could have imagined, love is stronger than they could ever know, and that the fulfilment of all their dreams lies with each other.


Drama starring Naomie Harris, Ruth Wilson and David Oyelowo. Adapted from the award-winning novel by Andrea Leavy.

Ruby Television  2x90mins Limited Series

Cast: Ruth Wilson, Naomie Harris, Benedict Cumberbach, David Oyelowe

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